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Futon Massage

Traditionnal Thaï 

Traditional Thai massage is equivalent to medicine for many Thai people.

Thai massage cleanses toxins, and stimulates the flow in each of the body's systems : blood, nervous, lymphatic, energy. It soothes muscle pain, eases the joints, relaxes the fascias, brings balance in the intestinal flora. Performed with the hands the Thai massage will put you back on your feet!​

The Thai massage is performed on a futon, without oil, with loose clothing, in sessions of 90 minutes.​

Thaï - 1
Thaï - 3
Thaï - 2

90mn = € 120,00


Wùo Tai

Wùo Tai is a journey to rediscover one's body and its abilities.​

Using kinetic force, movements made in three dimensions, Wùo Tai releases tensions, contractions muscle and body blockages.

Wùo Tai helps regain flexibility and freedom of movements in space.​ It also frees you from tireness and knots.

A Wùo Tai session takes place on a futon, without oil, with loose clothing in 90-minute sessions.​

Wùo Tai - 1

90mn = € 120,00

Wùo Tai - 2
Wùo Tai  - 3


We all have within us a system of regeneration. When we are feeling tired, this system becomes less efficient. The Biodynamic technic restores your regeneration system.​


By applying pressure to different parts of the body to create 'polarization', the energy flowing through the body will generate heat that immerses you in a state of relaxation and well-being.

A Biodynamic session takes place on a futon, without oil, with loose clothing in 90-minute sessions.

90mn = € 120,00

Biodynamique - 3
Biodynamique - 2
Biodynamique - 1
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