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- All new clients will be asked to fill out a form giving personal details and any relevant medical history 

- Every session comprises : an arrival, a first contact, the massage, a feed back and a departure 

- Mobile phones will be switched off ;  sarong will provided for anyone wishing to protect their modesty 

- If the client shortens the duration he initially requested, the full amount will be payable 

- Any information provided will be kept in professional secrecy 

- If the client is late, the full amount announced on the site will nevertheless be payable 

- Payments may be made only in cash, checks or Paypal 

- If the client so requests an invoice can be sent to him in the form of an e-mail

- It is the client's responsibility to check whether their health insurance allows them a possible reimbursement


- For personal hygiene reasons, the client may be asked to shower before the massage 

- Towel and shower gel will be provided. This step will be included in the time allotted for the session 

- Clothing, jewelry and watches will be removed before the start of any massage 

- Techniques using a futon take place fully clothed and without oil

- Lors des massages sur table, pour les personnes pudiques un paréo leur sera fourni 

- When making an appointment, please specify the duration desired (60mn or 90mn) and table or a futon 

- If the practitioner's schedule allows, the client may ask for the session to be extended (30 mn)

- Massage practices do not include services of a sexual nature

Full Mindness Sessions

- Full Mindness sessions take place in a seated or standing position

- According to the procedure, the techniques will be recorded and sent to the client for rehearsals at home

- A notebook will be given to record the phenomena felt during the sessions

- Full Mindness sessions can be combined with a massage session (only on futon)

- After a first session, a program of several sessions will be suggested to the client 

- The first Full Mindness session is at the price of € 80.00 

- The following sessions will be at the price that the practitioner and the client will have decided together

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