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Full Mindness

60mn = 80€

finding inner peace

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Sometimes life seems complicated. Things get carried away in the body: lack of sleep, loss of appetite, nervousness that sets in. This then affects our thoughts, our mood. Taking a break is more and more felt. Need to breathe, to calm his mind, to make a stop.

Have a break for a moment ! Take some time for yourself, to take a deep breathe, to take a moment and feel that, Yes! you do exist ! Come and develop the abilities that are within you and change the situation in your daily life!

Sophrology is the method to regain control of your life and finally take decisions in your life.

On the menu : becoming aware of the person you are. and the, plan your future projects in a spirit of trust and serenity.

accepting yourself

Your body does not suit you. You spend all your energy on this aspect of your life. And you would like to finally find a way to accept yourself as you are.

Identifying the positive aspects of your life, your personality, but also your body can help you change the situation. And thus shift your energy towards creativity, the realization of your future projects, open yourself to the outside world.

Full Mindness can help you find ways to accept yourself as you are. By integrating in your body and your mind all your capacities, known or which remain to be discovered, you can thus give a new definition of yourself. 

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You need to feel all the energy circulating within you, to have a heightened awareness of your body, of all this teeming life. You want to be more connected to your body to feel alive.

Thanks to Full Mindness, strengthen your awareness of vital energy and thus give new meaning to your existence.

Whether it is to take care of your body, strengthen the functioning of your organs, help rebuild tissues or simply boost the energy within you, Full Mindness opens the doors to awareness of all the life that circulates in you.


boosting the energy

beyond the limits

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Some challenges may seem difficult to overcome. Difficult, but bnot impossible.


Knowing yourself better gives access to all your capacities, your powers. They allow you to realize that you are capable of succeeding, to register in your mind and your bodies that you too can succeed in your life.

Transforming even failures into a positive experience, from nurturing yourself to making you stronger and going beyond your limits. Awareness of your potential will allow you to step out of your comfort zone. Be in the movement!


Full Mindness sessions may be the solution to give you access to the keys to your future success.

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