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The Californian massage is a technique that releases muscle tension and calms the mind. It is a moment when you are transported, taken care of. ​

The massage is effected with the pressure adjusted so as to relieve the tensions in the muscles and the mind. The intention in Californian massage is to make you feel light, liberated and relaxed.​

This massage is given on a table, with oil, without clothes, in sessions of 60 or 90 minutes .​

60mn = € 80,00

90mn = € 120,00

Californien - 1
Californien - 2
Californien - 3


Ayuverdic is the equivalent of medicine in India, a millennial practice still used by Indians. One of the techniques used Birenda massage.​

Birenda, with its shaking movements, awakens in you the emotional tensions accumulated throughout your life. It can help you free your from what weighs you down. And make you more free, better able to live in the present, and more available to carry out your future projects.​

Birend massage is practiced on the table, with oil,in sessions of 60 or 90mn.

Aurvédic - 1

60 mn = € 80,00

90mn = € 120,00

Ayurvédic - 2
Ayurvédic - 3


The body's nerve endings are to be found in the soles of the feet. They are connected to the internal organs of the human body. The soles of the feet then become a map where each region corresponds to one of these organs.​

The acupressure exerted on these points interacts with the organs, in a gentle and safe way. Foot reflexology immerses you in a moment in slow motion, a pause during which the body regenerates, like a computer that is turned off to start again better.​

This technique is practiced on the table, with oil, in sessions of 60 or 90mn.

60mn = €80,00

90mn = € 120,00

Réflexologie - 1
Réflexologie - 2
Réflexologie - 3
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