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Thaï - 2


Listed as Intangible Heritage by Unesco, the traditional Thai massage takes

the whole of everything that makes up the human body. By cleaning all channels and networks, you will release energy and you will feel lighter. Performed with a benevolent intention and in a gentle way, whether with the hands or the feet, on an oil-free futon with clothes, the Thai massage will put you back on your feet. A session is 90 minutes at a price of € 120.00.

Wùo Tai - 1

Wùo Tai

Created from the meeting of Dance and Osteopathy, Wùo Tai uses elliptical

strengthSubtle, soothing and deep sensations, you will feel every muscle, every fiber, joint and every fluid that circulates within you. Wùo Tai soothes and helps to regain flexibility and freedom of movement in the body, opens the mind to your emotions. Wùo Tai massage 90 minutes € 120.00.

Biodynamique - 1


When we feel weak, the system of regeneration is less efficient. The Biodynamic

massage erases all the negative waves obstructing the various networks of the body. The polarizations crossing the body plunge you into a state of relaxation and well-being. The Biodynamic comes to clean the different structures to find a deeply liberated body. Sessions of 60mn, at 80.00€ and 90mn at 120.00€.


Réflexologie - 3

Foot Reflexology

The feet are like maps where each of the organs are listed.

It is therefore possible to access these organs by performing pressure points on the nerve endings with a foot reflexology. These acupressures thus regulate the balance within your body and its functioning.​ Practiced on the table, with oil, in sessions of 60 minutes, at € 80.00 and 90 minutes at € 120.00.

Californien - 3


The Californian is a wonderful moment of benevolence. It chases away

muscular and nervous tension. The feeling of deep calm allows you to reconnect with your emotions and let them express themselves. The Californian then liberates body and mind. and allows you to refocus on yourself, to open up to others, to open up to yourself.​ The Californian massage is practiced on the table with oil in sessions60 mins at € 80.00 and 90 mins at € 120.00.

Ayurvédic - 3

Ayurvedic Birenda

Invented by Indian boxers, the Ayurvedic Birenda combines the treatment

of pain and tension in the body as well as emotional trauma. Thanks to the vibratory movements, to the deep acupressures the pains melt and fade. Emotions can then rise to the surface and express themselves.​ The Birenda Ayurvedic massage is practiced on a table with oil, in sessions of 60 mins, at € 80.00 and 90 mins at € 120.00.


60mn = 80€

90mn = 120€







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75017 PARIS

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